(next race 28 March 2021)

- Here you can see pictures and videos of the LauberhornRun 2019

The run

The wacky running event at the Lauberhorn!
Ascend the world cup men’s downhill Lauberhorn race course in reverse – hence the „LauberhornRun“ – ascending 1‘028 metres over a course of 4,5 kilometres.
Help, I don’t know what to wear! Don’t worry, it’s up to you to choose your equipment. We don’t care if you run with running shoes, skis, barefoot, as a clumsy Yeti o ras a jumping Kangaroo… you are our HERO if you finish the run in less than 3 hours.

Where, when, how much?
Wengen Switzerland, Sunday 29 March 2020. Starting time: 10.45am

Registration fee:
Group "Need4Speed“: CHF 39.-
Groups "Run4Fun" and "Dress4Success“: CHF 34.-

Included in the fee:
- Start at the LauberhornRun with a unique experience
- Starter-bag with surprises
- Finisher prize
- Snacks and beverages at the finish area
- Pasta and alcohol-free Rugenbraeu-beer at the winner ceremony in Wengen
- Chairlift Lauberhorn - Kleine Scheidegg and train from Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen (show bib-number). The train from Lauterbrunnen and back is NOT included (Please buy a ticket)

Start of registration:
The registration is temporarily blocked! It will open again soon. The online Registration will close on 22 March 2020

Group "Need4Speed"
Are you a sporty and ambitious runner? Here you are in the right category. But generally it’s very simple: The one who reach the top first will win the race! The goal in this category is to run as fast as you can to the top of the Lauberhorn. Are you afraid to compete against the young and fast runners? Don’t worry, we created 2 different age categories:
Age group I: 1977 and younger
Age group II: 1976 and older
Women and men are separated in the classification


Groups "Run4Fun" and "Dress4Success"
Are you adventurous and want to try something new? This category is for all the fun runners. If the run itself is not challenging enough for you then you can try to run up barefoot for instance. In this category you will receive bonus points! The group is splitted into 2 categories:
Run4Fun: Take your time, take it easy. Reach the average time of all the fun runners and you’ll be the winner.
Dress4Success: Let’s be creative! We are looking for the wackiest runner in the competition! Dress yourself as a crazy monkey, as a mad cow’s just up to you! The time doesn’t matter. Just make sure you reach the top within 3 hours. The judges will give points for the most creative costume. If you run as fast as you can then you receive some bonus points.