Next race 28 March 2021

Saturday, 28 March 2020

2pm – 6pm Get your bib number at the race office at the Tourist Center


Sunday, 29 March 2020
7.30am – 10am Get your bib number at the race office besides the Tourist Center
Then proceed to the starting-area in Innerwengen (about 25 minutes to walk)
10.35am            All athletes are ready for the run at the starting area in Innerwengen. The speaker will give you the very last information for the race.
10.35am            latest baggage drop off for the „Need4Speed“ group runners.
10.45am            START
10.45,48am       First catch of the CHF 1'000 bill at the Royal-Sprint
app. 11.05am    Lead runner will pass the Minschkante/Hundschopf by the Wengernalp
app. 11.23am    Lead runner will reach the finish at the Lauberhorn.
from 12pm         Drinks&Food at the ceremony area besides the Tourist Center
12.30pm            Closing of the course at Minschkante/Hundschopf by the Wengernalp
1.45pm              Closing of the finish at the Lauberhorn
3pm                   Ceremony in Wengen besides the Tourist Center


The best spots for spectators:

Starting area Innerwengen
The starting area is reachable by foot within 25 minutes from the village centre. Watch the start of all racers and the challenge on the first steep hill. There will be the Royal-Sprint Spot only 110 metres after the start with 2 one-thousend CHF bill. Watch the fastest sprinters at the start to catch one of these original CHF 1'000 bills.

Only a few footsteps from the train station Wengernalp is a spot to watch the runners running and climbing up the Hundschopf (Dog's edge). There will be also musical performance such as Alphorn players and a flag swinger.

Finish area Lauberhorn
As a spectator without ski or snowboard you can reach the finishing area on the Lauberhorn as follows. Walk from the train station Wengernalp to the chairlift station "Wixi". It's reachable within about 15 minutes on foot. The chairlift Wixi takes you within 6 minutes to the finishing area Lauberhorn. After watching the race you can go back via the chairlift Lauberhorn, reachable within 12 minutes by foot. Take the chairlift down to Kleine Scheidegg.
Please note that people without ski or snowboard can use the chairlifts only at the LauberhornRun. 

Beside the running tracks
The Lauberhorn ski slope will be closed for the public during the race. You can reach it besides from Lauberhorn to Wixi by ski or snowboard. It's forbidden to walk beside the running track on foot. After the race, the Lauberhorn ski slope will be open again for the public.

Transport to the different spots
Wengen train station - Allmend - Wengernalp - Kleine Scheidegg: departure every 30 minutes at xx.24 and xx.54
Starting area Innerwengen - Allmend - Wengernalp: Chairlift from Innerwengen to Allmend (takes about 8 minutes to reach the train station Allmend). Then from Allmend by train. Departure every 30 minutes at xx.29 and xx.59. It takes 10 minutes to reach Wengernalp by train from Allmend.
Finish area Lauberhorn - Kleine Scheidegg - Wengen: From the finish area Lauberhorn by foot to the chairlift Lauberhorn within 12 minutes. Be careful: you will share this slope together with skiers. Then chairlift Lauberhorn down to Kleine Scheidegg. The train departs every 30 minutes from Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen, at xx.01 and xx.31. It takes 28 minutes to reach Wengen by train.
Please note, that you need to have a valid ticket for the Wengernalp-train. Participants of the race can use the train Kleine Scheidegg-Wengen for free together with their bib-number.